12/22/22 Letter to Gov DeSantis re: Alaimo BCC Appointment

12/21/22 Call for Special Meeting of RPOF to Terminate RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

10-7-2021 Call-to-Action regarding Infrastructure Bill

9-7-2021 School Board Meeting

06-10-2021 CRT Call to Action

04-01-2021 Call to Action regarding SECOND AMENDMENT

Resolution, Call-to-Action and Member Concern submission procedure to add to Monthly Meeting Agenda is as follows:

Resolutions and Call-to-Action Ad-hoc Committee: Call to Action and Membership Concern submission procedure to add to Monthly Meeting Agenda is as follows: Dick Stevens is Chair of this ad-hoc committee. Members include and Jim Altiere, REC Legal Counsel. By RPOF and REC rule, Ad-hoc committee members are selected by sole authority of the Chair who may accept or reject members to the committee. This committee will accept Calls -to Action and Membership Concerns for review as proposed by members through their District Chairs. No more than 4 calls-to-action will be presented to the full membership meetings each month. Similarly, no more than 4 Member concerns will be added to each monthly meeting. Presentations will be limited to two minutes each. District Chair will submit suggestions from 1st Thursday monthly meeting breakout sessions to Resolutions and Call-to-Action Ad-Hoc Committee within one week or by 2nd Thursday, who will in-turn, prioritize those suggestions and deliver them to 3rd Tuesday Board meeting. The top 4 Call-to-Action or Resolutions and top 4 Member concerns will be added to agenda which will be emailed to members by on the 4th Thursday in advance of 1st Thursday General Monthly Meeting. | 904-717-2016
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